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Upcoming/in Development:

This is a Letter

Previous Performances:


Beyond Borders, Distance

Collaboration with Instabili Vaganti Experimental Theater 2022, 2024 Bologna IT

Quarantine Betty 2020-2022

-durational Instagram performance culminating in award-winning mockumentary Betty Coxworth: Untucked

Exhibition List:

Pony (short film)

-Winner, Best Short Psychological, Red Moon Festival, May 2023

-Winner, Best Short Horror, Barcelona Indie Awards, March 2023

-Nominee, Best Original Score, Beyone the Curve International Film Festival, July 2023

-Official Selection, Liverpool Indie Awards, August 2023

SAIL (video art)

Earth Jam Live Stage, Virtual Burning Man 2020

Beyond Borders, Performazioni Festival Bologna IT 2020


Relics (video art)

Earth Jam Live Stage, Virtual Burning Man 2020

Deiglan Gallery, Akureyri Iceland, 2019


Sacred Geometry (film):

-CROSSROADS Festival, San Francisco, 2020

-"Ophelia" tribute, Video Art Miden, Greece 2020

-Official Selection, Buskopolis Festival of Cinematic Oddities, PA 2019

-MOHA Short Film Night, Budapest Hungary 2019


Recollect (film):

-Kinitras Choreography Lab, Athens, Greece 2018-2019

-Ibrida Festival, Forli, Italy 2019

-Video Art Miden Kalamata, Greece 2018

-Budapest Mini Art Video Festival Budapest, Hungary 2018


Recollect (Multimedia/performance):

-The Set NYC, 2017

-INQuad, Dixon Place, NYC 2016

-Wax Works Triskelion Arts Center Brooklyn, NY 2015

-Green Space Queens, NY 2015


Aquatic Parallels (choreography):

-95Empire at AS220 Theater, Providence RI 2013

Codify (choreography):

-Salem Arts Festival, Salem, MA 2013

-Boston Center for the Arts, Contrapose Dance, Boston, MA 2012


Press Links:

2020 Interview by Carlos Miguel Bernardo Gonzalez for Spain-based blog Teatro y Cine:


Cecilia part of "Beyond Borders" showcase of video work by international artists created during 2020 lockdown:



Cecilia was selected as one of twelve artists for the 2019 Gil Artist Residency in Akureyri, Iceland. More information about her project Relics:


In 2018, Cecilia Seaward was selected as one of five participants for Instabili Vaganti ( Experimental Theater's Performance Project Rags of Memory held in Bologna, Italy.  Workshop Article:


A shortened version of Recollect was shown at the Budapest Dual Gallery Environmental Show in 2018:


Recollect at Kinitras Gallery in Athens, Greece 2018:


New York Times Listing for Cecilia Seaward and Inclined Dance Project (

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